OEM Publishing

Online Entrepreneurs Media Publishing is a great way for authors to get their foot in the door into the world of book publishing. OEM Publishing offers writers the chance to have both digital eBook and physical paperback and hardback copies of their book to be sold at great retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Play Store, Scribd, OverDrive and many other retailers. All of this with the ease of having OEM staff do all the publishing work for you, guarantees OEM Publishing is the best choice for you. We accept books of all kinds and encourage you to fill out a publication request form to have your book reviewed for acceptance into the OEM Publishing Program.

Benefits of Choosing OEM Publishing

Digital And Physical Copies Of Your Book

Your Book Sold At Top Retailers

Ease Of No Publishing Work On Your Behalf

100% Of Profits Paid Directly To Author*

Persistent Marketing To Drive More Sales


*After payment is sent to the author, a bill will be sent out for a 10% payment to OEM. This percussion guarantees money goes directly to the author first.